HEADQUARTERS575 Nucla Way, Aurora, CO
HEADQUARTERS575 Nucla Way, Aurora, CO

Our Passion

This history is intertwined with our work.

While many companies have an impact on their area, Reidy Metal Services, Inc. has been fortunate to play a visible role in the history of our communities. There are so many historic buildings and locations that we’ve been able to work with that we felt it important to share stories from the projects that connect Reidy Metal and our neighborhoods.

Daniels & Fisher (D&F) Tower

While many refer to this Denver skyline icon as the clock tower, it is in fact the Daniels & Fisher (D&F) Tower. More people walk this 16th Street Mall area than anywhere else in Denver, and many never realize the special history of what they’re walking right by. The revolving door at the D&F Tower entrance was brought in by Reidy Metal and is actually the original front door to the Ford Motor Company headquarters in Michigan, over a century old.

Equitable Building

This 9-story building located downtown was the tallest building in Denver until 1911. Economic depression in the 1900’s was as hard on this building as any and after decades the original metals were covered with black and dark green coats of paint. Around 2000, Reidy Metal went into this building with enormous interior scaffolding going up through the ongoing spiral staircase. At the time there was a Tiffany’s window that existed which may have been worth more than the entire building. After countless time and man hours spent on banisters, balustrades and railings, the group began to reach the surface that reflected the most beautiful rose bronze. Today the building exists as high-end office space with the restored rose bronze showcased throughout the interior and the defining look to the historic Equitable Building.

VMS Memorial

It’s not often one monument can essentially tell the history of the U.S., but the Torch of Freedom gives 12 scenes from the Revolutionary War to Vietnam.

Located in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars building at Constitution Ave. and Second St. N.E. in Washington, DC, the three-sided bronze marker features relief scenes of major events. The 35-foot marker was erected in 1976 and sculpted by Felix de Weldon, who is more famous for the Marine Corps War Memorial commonly known as the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Pomodoro Sphere

What do The Vatican, Trinity College, UN Headquarters in New York, and Des Moines, Iowa all have in common? They all are locations that contain a famous Pomodoro Sphere sculpture from renowned artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Reidy Metal has had the opportunity to restore the “Sphere Within Sphere” sculpture at the American Republic Insurance Company in Des Moines.