HEADQUARTERS575 Nucla Way, Aurora, CO
HEADQUARTERS575 Nucla Way, Aurora, CO


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First the old finish is washed or stripped from the metal with an environmentally safe product. The metal is then cleaned with an acid-free, abrasive cleaner. Scratches are removed and the metal is then re-grained or highlighted. Finally, a protective coating is sprayed on to seal out tarnish and discoloration. New water-based coatings are in use which are both effective and safe.


Reidy Metal is the industry leader in the on-site restoration of architectural metals.


Working with historians, artisans, architects and designers, Reidy Metal has the experience and expertise required for the often difficult, sometimes delicate, and always rewarding challenges involved in restoration of architectural elements in buildings with historic significance and landmark status.


Repairs to architectural metal elements may involve the removal of scratches, re-graining of the metal, on-site welds, restoration of elements or creation of new pieces to complete or match existing. Whether in-house or contracted to skilled artisans, Reidy Metal is the industry expert in the repair of architectural metals.


Reidy specializes in the on-site cleaning and care of architectural metals to ensure lasting beauty and quality.


Architectural metals of every type from bronze to brass to stainless steel to aluminum are the foundation of Reidy Metal service’s business. Reidy understands the care of the metal as well as the care of the client as work is performed in the busy office and common areas.


Specializing in on site cleaning, restoring and maintenance of architectural marble and stone. Our experts can repair and restore virtually any type of stone, including: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Limestone, and Concrete.


Restoration & Maintenance